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Animation is one of the most rewarding career paths in film, television and games – there’s nothing quite as exciting as bringing a unique character to life.

Great animation is built on great character poses. Poses that communicate your character’s intentions, emotions and the effect of their actions. Solid character posing skills will help you build the foundation you need for great storytelling in your own animation.

What you'll learn

We’ll start by analysing reference photos to understand the key elements of human poses. You’ll learn how to use mass and gravity to achieve balance and find flow in your own poses. Next, you’ll breathe life into poses by finding and exaggerating the line of action, then learn how to lead the eye and achieve effective composition within your shots. You’ll finish up by developing the personality of your character and use poses to act out a story.

This course is essential to study before moving forward into full character animation. You will develop the skills required to set up great poses and be ready to start animating.

This course is practical and hands-on – you’ll be working with character rigs in Maya, developing poses throughout the course.

If you’ve been wanting to develop solid fundamental skills to build a career on, this course is for you – effective character posing is the first step in bringing life and personality into your animations.

Course content is the same as the third module of the Yoobee Online Certificate in Animation. Completing this course counts as credit towards the online Certificate if you choose to continue your study.

Yoobee Online course material can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone using a web browser.

A Yoobee Online course is more than just video tutorials. You’ll have access to experienced online tutors who will answer your questions and provide constructive feedback and guidance as you develop your skills. 

You’ll also be a part of a community of learners who share the same passion for animation. You’ll learn together, providing additional support and encouragement throughout the course.

With Yoobee Online, you get the benefit of Yoobee’s 20+ years of knowledge and experience helping creatives develop their skills and establish their careers.

Your tutor
Kevin Sharp is a 3D artist, photographer and educator with over 20 years’ experience introducing people to the creative world of digital images. As a 3D artist, Kevin is known for his modelling skills and Maya expertise. Kevin’s students have gone on to successful careers in the film, television and video game industries.

A bit more information


Autodesk Maya 

(Download the free educational version available on the Autodesk website)

A web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.



A desktop or laptop computer capable of running Autodesk Maya.

(Detailed minimum and recommended specifications are available on the Autodesk website)

If you aren’t sure if your computer is suitable, give us a call on 0800 624 024 and we’ll check it out for you.


NZD $99

Course Highlights

Yoobee Online’s Character Posing helps you develop the skills required for any type of animation. With just three hours of learning per week, you’ll be creating dynamic poses in just 2 months.
Skills learned can be applied to a range of animation styles and professional roles within the film and television industries.
By completing this course, you will be ready to apply for entry into further study at a higher level. And we’ll give you access to all course learning materials for a year, letting you set your own pace for learning.

This course consists of approximately 24 hours of learning and practice, comprised of video tutorials, quizzes, practice assignments and review.

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Animation is one of the most rewarding career paths in film, television and games – there’s nothing quite as exciting as bringing a unique character to life....

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