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Yoobee Online’s Certificate in Animation is your ticket to a career in on-screen animation.

At the heart of visual screen design, skilled animators are in huge demand right across film, television and gaming. This course will give you the technical and animation basics needed to freelance or consider a Diploma level course. Using industry standard Autodesk Maya, you’ll learn to bring your own characters to life. You’ll get the skills needed for starter role in animation, or prepare for your next adventure in further animation study.

What you'll learn

In the first module we’ll get you up to speed on Autodesk Maya - the industry standard tool used by the pros of on-screen animation.

Once you’ve mastered Maya, we’ll take you through the principles of animation, show you how to pose your characters, and then how to bring them to life.

Our final module is the one you’ll really love. We’ll show you how a few carefully chosen tricks of the trade can introduce refinement to your animation and really get them leaping off the screen.

By the end of this course you’ll have a solid understanding of the principles and developed the skills to animate 3D characters. And if you love what you learn and want to know more, this is the perfect pathway to a Diploma level programme.


Yoobee Online course material can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone using a web browser.

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Course Highlights

Yoobee Online’s Certificate in Animation is a fun and inspirational way to learn animation. A forty-week course featuring five modules, each section gradually introduces the software, skills, and techniques you need to realistically animate your characters. And because this is an online course, we’ll give you access to learning materials for a whole year, giving you the flex to work your study around your job or life.

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