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Whether you are interested in a traditional portrait type role, or are keen to work in a newer channel like social media, photography and images have never been more relevant.

The sky’s the limit with photography. This is your chance to get started in one of the oldest but also most exciting areas of creative training. You’ll get all the essentials of digital photography, from lighting and setting up a shoot all the way to post-production of your images. If you’re looking to get started in photography, or take the next steps towards further learning in digital photography, this is the course for you.

What you'll learn

We’ll kick things off by introducing the latest in digital photographic equipment, before showing how composition and design can bring your photography to life. Taking you through the various genres and their specialised approaches (including studio and location, food, sport, portrait, still life and product photography), you’ll see how lighting and shooting techniques differ by genre, and how choosing the right approach for each shot guarantees the best results.

Using post-production tools, you’ll learn different photo formats and how editing techniques can dramatically improve the visual impact of your photos, before we spend the last module building your own portfolio of work.


Yoobee Online course material can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone using a web browser.

A bit more information


A camera with full manual control over shutter speed, aperture, focus and ISO. Most cameras have these functions, but please check your camera manual. Phone cameras are generally not adequate for this course. A DSLR, bridge or Mirrorless camera system is recommended.

A desktop or laptop computer capable of running Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom applications.



Course Highlights

Yoobee Online’s Certificate in Photography gives you the creative and technical skills to start your career in photography. Across forty weeks, with just three hours per week of required learning, the course’s five modules will help you build your own portfolio of work - your professional calling card or entry point to further higher level study. And we’ll give you access to all course learning materials for a year, letting you set your own pace for learning.

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