Yoobee Online puts you in control

Let your study work around your life.

Imagine a course where you’re never late, never miss a lecture, never need to slip off work twenty minutes early just to make a class. Sounds good? We think so.

Set your own pace, start a course when you’re ready, and let your study revolve around your life. With no start dates, timetables or set classes, you and our industry leading team of tutors will build your schedule together, giving you all the time you need. If you think you’re too busy to study, think about Yoobee Online. It’s the flexible way to learn.

Learning with Yoobee Online


With an industry relevant Yoobee Certificate up for grabs, Yoobee Online courses are a real commitment to your future. You’ll still be working hard… just in a way that suits your lifestyle. 

Your learning will come in smaller, easy to manage bites. Using video, practical activities and regular interaction with other online students, each lesson is a two to three hours weekly commitment to complete. And though a course is designed to complete in forty weeks, if you need more time we’ll give you up to a year

Supporting the Yoobee Online community

Supporting our students is part of the Yoobee way, whether you’re in a class or learning remotely. We can help you in several ways:

  • With constant peer interaction and opportunity for feedback, your class is a supportive online learning community
  • Your tutors will provide deep and engaged feedback on your assignments
  • If you do encounter any administrative difficulties with student life, we also provide a Student Services free phone number to get you sorted

Yoobee Certificates are industry recognised, and behind some of the biggest names in New Zealand design today. You can post your badges and achievements direct to LinkedIn, giving you a valuable step up with potential employers. 

And our Certificates themselves are a real industry badge of honour. Yoobee graduates are recognised as some of the best in the business, and we’d be proud to have you join them.

A Yoobee Online course is an investment in your future. We have a range of payment options, so you can find the one that’s right for you and get on with your learning. 

  • We take credit cards for one simple and easy payment for your Certificate course
  • Payment using online eft-pos is available for Westpac, ASB and The Co-operative Bank customers.

If you do need to cancel a course once you’ve booked, you can find our full refund policy and also our terms and conditions.